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Outsourcing your transcription needs to our Houston Transcription Services has never been easier --- see some of your options (below).

Houston Transcription Services

​(214) 570-1932

Methods of File Transfer

  • FTP site (secure & HIPAA compliant)   
  • Secure email

​​​​Serving the Greater Houston Metro area, our transcription services include Legal, Medical, Insurance & General transcription.  We offer high-quality video and audio transcription services transcribed at 98-100% accuracy. 

Our medical transcription services are HIPAA compliant and our professional court, deposition & legal transcription services are done virtually. All are transcribed in a timely manner at a cost-effective rate.   

Just Taking Care of Business, LLC 
Houston Transcription Services​​

Digital Options

  • Digital Dictation - MP3, Wav. files, etc.
  • Video
  • CDs
  • ​Cassettes - micro & regular